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The CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG)

Screenshot from the cover page of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide

CESSDA put together a short yet comprehensive guide on research data management from start to finish. The DMEG helps researchers every step of the way, from the collection of their data to the point where it can be published an reused. It provides researchers and data professionals with insight on research project management and data valorization.

Consult the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide here

The CESSDA Data Catalogue

Screenshot from the CESSDA Data Catalogue

One of CESSDA’s key deliverables is its Data Catalogue, an online portal that harvests the metadata of every CESSDA service provider so that researchers can find information about reusable social science data from all over Europe on one central platform. The CDC does not give access to data; rather, it redirects to the websites of service providers, where researchers can then find available datasets.

SODHA does not yet send metadata to the CDC as more technical configuration is required. But very soon, information about Belgian data will be featured on the European platform!

Consult the CESSDA Data Catalogue here

The CESSDA Vocabulary Service and the European Language Social Science Thesaurus

Screenshot from the CESSDA Vocabulary Service

The CESSDA Controlled Vocabulary Service and the European Language Social Science Thesaurus constitute multilingual references for several of the keywords of social sciences, such as ‘analysis unit’, ‘mode of collection’, ‘time zone’ and so on. The CVS particularly includes the CESSDA Topic Classification, whose use is promoted in SODHA.

Consult the CESSDA Vocabulary Service (CVS) here

Consult the CESSDA Topic Classification here

Consult the European Language Social Science Thesaurus (ELSST) here

OpenAIRE – What will it cost to manage and share my data?

Screenshot from OpenAIRE's poster

OpenAIRE is a network of open access repositories financed by Horizon 2020. One of the project’s outcomes is a poster titled ‘What will it cost to manage and share my data?’, which gives a very brief and very helpful overview of the costs to take into account before, during and after undertaking research. It also gives a list of parties that can be consulted for assistance when it comes to cost estimations.

Consult OpenAIRE’s poster ‘What will it cost to manage share my data?’ here

ECOOM – Flemish Research Discipline Standard

Screenshot from ECOOM's standard

The consortium Expertisecentrum Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingsmonitoring (ECOOM) draws together all Flemish universities. One of ECOOM-Hasselt’s realizations, the Flemish Research Discipline Standard, is a classification of research disciplines that helps shed light on the imbrications of scientific fields and domains.

Consult the Flemish Research Discipline Standard here

FRIS – Flanders Research Information Space

Screenshot from the FRIS research portal homepage

The Flemish research portal FRIS is a hub of information about research in Flanders. It provides a unique point of reference for information about researchers, organizations, research projects, and publications.

Access the FRIS research portal