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Prepare data

Are your data ready for deposit in their current state? Here we give you some advice on how to prepare your data deposit.

Log in

This page helps you log in to SODHA, either with your self-made user account or your institutional login.

Deposit data

This page runs you through the different steps through which you can deposit your data in SODHA, thus allowing for their safe, long-term preservation and their reuse by other researchers, who will be able to cite your work.

Grant access

This page explains how to grant (or deny) requests for data whose access you have limited upon deposit.

Find data

On this page you will find information about how to look for and download published data in SODHA.


Frequently asked questions.

Deposit agreement

This page provides additional information on the SODHA Deposit Agreement, which depositors must accept before they can submit their data for publication in SODHA.

Access and reuse

This page helps you determine which access & reuse regime is best suited for the data you wish to deposit in SODHA.

External resources

This page lists external resources in research data management that can be generally helpful to researchers.