How to find and download data

Find data

To find data relevant to your interests, you can either:

Homepage with search bar, Advanced Search button, Sort button and search facets highlighted


Above the list of datasets on the right side, click on Sort to display the contents in (an)alphabetical order, or from the latest to the oldest deposit (default order), or vice versa.

Open data

Open data can be downloaded by anybody. It is not necessary to be logged in to downloaded files or whole datasets.

Dataset with file section highlighted

If you want to download only one file, click on the corresponding Download button.

File section with one file selected and corresponding checkbox and Download button highlighted

If you want to download several or all files, check either the corresponding boxes or the topmost one and click on the topmost Download button.

File section with all files selected, all checkboxes checked and top Download button highlighted

Restricted access

Access to certain datasets, or to some files within certain datasets, can be restricted for a number of reasons. There are two possible scenarios.

Request for access is enabled

The depositor of a dataset with restricted access has allowed request for access.

Click on Request Access either for a number of files or for a whole dataset following the same logic as for file downloading:

File section with padlock of file with restricted access and Request Access button highlighted

A notification that someone requests access to one or more files in the dataset will be sent to the contact person for this dataset whose name appears in the Metadata tab of the dataset record.

Users must be logged in to require access this way. However, if you do not have an account, you can always click on the Contact Depositor button in the top right corner of the dataset record webpage:

Dataset information with Contact Depositor button highlighted

Fill in the pop-up form with your email address, the subject of your message and information about your request:

Contact Depositor pop-up window with contact form

The contact person for this dataset will receive your email and will be able to return to you through the email address that you wrote in the From field.

Dataset metadata with Contact field highlighted



Some authors require special permissions or have specific procedures for requesting access to their datasets. Make sure to consult the Terms of Access field in the Terms tab of the dataset record for information on how to proceed.

Request for access was not enabled

Certain depositors cannot enable access to their datasets. In those cases, neither the Download nor the Request Access buttons appear:

Dataset with no Request Access button for file with restricted access

However, users are always free to send a message to the contact person for a dataset with restricted access by clicking on the Contact button as previously explained.