SODHA texts and policies

Here you will find a list of all the key texts that lay out the workings of SODHA.

Mission Statement

This text is a formal declaration of SODHA’s raison d’être and purposes.

Read the SODHA Mission Statement here: DEENFRNL

Terms of Service

This text describes the services offered by SODHA to its users and explains the conditions under which these services are provided. Users are asked to read and approve our terms of service when they sign up on the SODHA platform.

Read the SODHA Terms of Service here: DEENFRNL

Data Protection Statement

This text, which is based on the State Archives’ general data protection statement, provides the legal framework in which users are asked to provide personal information when they log in on the SODHA platform and make use of its features. It goes over the information that users entrust to SODHA and explains what steps and measures are in place to ensure that this information is safely processed and retained by SODHA.

Read the SODHA Data Protection Statement here: DEENFRNL

Privacy Policy

In compliance with the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR), this text expands on the SODHA Data Protection Statement by preemptively answering questions about the processing of personal information provided by SODHA users.

Read the SODHA Privacy Policy here: DEENFRNL

End-User License Agreement

This text, commonly known as a EULA, specifies the level of service granted by SODHA to its users.

Read the SODHA End-User License Agreement here: DEENFRNL

Deposit Agreement

This contract must be read and approved by users when, after creating a new dataset on the SODHA platform, they click on the Submit for Review button. It details under what terms SODHA receives and authorizes publication of the data.

Read the SODHA Deposit Agreement here: DEENFRNL

Access and Reuse Policy

This text explains under what specific conditions SODHA promotes reuse of research data by publishing data collections / datasets online.

Read the SODHA Access and Reuse Policy here: DEENFRNL

Dataset Publishing Policy

This policy is meant to provide depositors with a quick and clear overview of SODHA’s publication criteria by drawing on the most relevant aspects in the preceding texts regarding publication of submitted datasets. It also details how the publication procedure unfolds and lays out a few metadata formatting rules.

Read the SODHA Dataset Publishing Policy here: DEENFRNL

File Formats Recommended by SODHA

This is a short list of file formats that are recommended to ensure data interoperability as well as long-term preservation of research data.

Consult the list of recommended file formats here: DEENFRNL

Dataset Version Management Policy

This policy explains how SODHA manages dataset versions, which becomes relevant when changes are made to a dataset that was published at least once, which leads to the creation of a new version.

Read the SODHA Dataset Version Management Policy: DEENFRNL

Subrepository Management Policy

This text explains what subrepositories are on the SODHA platform and the extent to which this specific service is offered to groups of researchers.

Read the SODHA Subrepository Management Policy: DEENFRNL